Chocolate Cookie Dough Blast Ice Cream

Remember last year when Dairy Queen had all those Jurassic World flavors? I confess, I ate some of the “Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash” and it was a f**king party for my tastebuds. SO GOOD. Well, I was reminiscing its deliciousness the other day, sad that they no longer had it and even if they did, my stomach wouldn’t be able to handle it (I have eaten maybe three bites of gluten in the past 7 months…they were worth it :-). Instead of just moping around about it (kidding, I wouldn’t actually do that), I decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So I recreated DQ’s blizzard into this crazy goodness.
Dairy Queen’s website describes their flavor as “Peanut Butter Cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter, and choco chunks blended with creamy vanilla soft serve” but I hate chocolate chips in my ice cream because they’re too crunchy so I left those out and made it with chocolate ice cream instead. mmm. Then I added a caramel swirl instead of peanut butter because that’s what I had on hand and caramel is always freakin’ awesome! And of course this recipe is peanut, dairy, and gluten free. It’s the best.

Ugh I just freaking love ice cream.

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